A Fantastic Decision

We made a fantastic decision in choosing Ron Lima as our photographer. His camera skills were obvious to us from the first time we looked through his portfolio but much more than this Ron is just a really nice guy. Our guests felt comfortable around him and he helped to make the photos something fun rather than a chore.

Ron & Rafa played a big part in what was a very happy day. I can’t praise Ron enough to do justice to the work he did for us. I will always remember looking across the dancefloor to see Ron, after 12 hours of non-stop work, smiling broadly and taking photos of my partying guests. At every stage Ron went the extra mile. We will always enjoy our wonderful albums and will always wonder how you managed to get into such fantastic positions to shoot from perfect angles with brilliant lighting. Thank you Ron for your incredible hard work, attentiveness, fun and friendly personality & exemplary service – we made a great decision!