We’re usually asked about:

<strong>What is your photographic style?</strong>

There are so many terms related to photographic style nowadays that they became misused and practically meaningless. What’s most important for us is that the pictures of your wedding speak to YOU. Some would call it photojournalistic or editorial or candid. Our style is all about capturing the REAL and the JOY of your day. Painlessly and unobtrusively.

<strong>I don’t like posing for pictures. Do I have to pose?</strong>

Most people don’t like to pose and we don’t think it looks natural either. As we told you before, our style captures the REAL and the JOY of your day. You are certainly going to have fun and not even think about the photography process.

<strong>So you engage your subjects?</strong>

During your Creative Session and formal shots, absolutely. But during the ceremony, toasts, dances, etc. you and your guests won’t even know we’re there. You are going to have a practical exemple of how fun a photo session can be on your Engagement Session.

<strong>Do you do traditional wedding photographs as well?</strong>

If you’re talking about that posed looking and/or boring style of wedding photography, so we’d have to say, “NO”. But if you mean traditional family pictures in addition to our more natural work then the answer is absolutely yes. We really appreciate the history behind the traditional family portrait and, although they may not seem as exciting as some of our more informal portraiture, they serve as an important function for the memory of a family.

<strong>How long does it take until I can see my photographs?</strong>

The post-production of your images is a high quality process that requires hard work. We start this process on the same day of your event working very hard to deliver your pictures within three weeks after your wedding.

<strong>Do I get the digital negatives of my weddings?</strong>

You sure do! We believe that if the pictures are yours, you must have them. We think it’s not fair keep your digital negatives just to force you purchase prints from us. We provide you with a copy of your digital images in low and high resolution on a USB drive.

<strong>Can I make my own prints?</strong>

The pictures are yours, so you can do any print you like with your digital negatives. Of course you will find a huge difference between your local printer and the professional prints we can make for you. But of course, we leave the choice up to you.

<strong>Do you do video as well?</strong>

We sure do! We now offer what we consider the premier video service – it’s Wedding Cinema. Check it out on our video portfolio page. We’re sure you’ll be amazed.

<strong>Can I make an appointment to meet with you?</strong>

Absolutely. We strongly believe a personal connection is important. However, if a meeting proves logistically impossible, we can still discuss all your queries or concerns over the phone or Skype in detail and I can provide you with examples of my work to to help you choose the right photographer for you.

<strong>Would you travel to cover my wedding?</strong>

Absolutely! Although based in London, we have covered weddings in some of the most wonderful locations in the world. We’ve worked in Venice, Milan, Florence, Reggio Calabria (all in Italy), Lugano in Switzerland, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis (in Brazil) & throughout the UK to name a few. And yes, we do London as well.

<strong>What comes after my wedding?</strong>

Unlike most wedding professionals that you’ll deal with, our relationship continues well after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. You may never speak with your other suppliers after your wedding day, but your work with your photographer has just begun. The album and print process continues for awhile. Besides, our goal is to be your photographer for life.

<strong>What do I need to do to hire you?</strong>

We require a £200 booking deposit and a signed agreement to reserve the date for you. All the dates are filled on a first come-first served basis and we cover just one wedding a day. Your day must be exclusive and we work hard to give it to you.

<strong>What if I have questions that aren’t listed here?</strong>

Please contact us. There are many options for that:
You can send us an email: info@ronlima.co.uk, call us at +44 (0)7788 848754, chat on Skype (ron-lima) or use the form on the right.
It’s always nice to hear what you’re planning for your great day and it will be a great pleasure to discuss how we can contribute for preserving your memories.

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