London Wedding Photography

Still not decided about your London Wedding Photography?

Read below and get a great help to choose the professional to cover your event.


Wether you need to decide about London Wedding Photography or Destination Wedding Photography, there’s always a lot to think of.
Choosing an amazing venue, beautiful flowers and decoration, the best caterer and just an average Wedding Photographer, you’re risking to throw away the real memory of your big day.

Remember: on a wedding day, there’s a lot to document and only an Experienced Wedding Photographer can register everything from the beginning until the end without loosing any detail.


To help you choose the best professional for your wedding, we made this list of very important things you must consider when choosing a Wedding Photographer in London or anywhere else.



When you are selecting a photographer for your wedding day, you’re selecting much more than justa a professional for your day. You are hiring an artist that will be with you, with your family and your guests throughout the most important moments of your great day. Personality is a great part of a selection process and should not be ignored nor minimised.

The personality of Ron Lima will define the tone of your entire day, from the preparations until the end of the reception of your guests. Ultimately, the personality that is present in Ron Lima’s work will directly impact your wedding photography as a hole.

Remember: You will be in contact with your Wedding Photographer for a long period before your wedding day and even longer after your big day. After all, other great moments in your family’s life deserve a more than special attention by your photographer.


Although the price is always an important factor for determining your Wedding Photographer, it cannot be the only thing that matters. Your Wedding Photography must be as unique as your day itself. At the end of the day, all those great moments of the wedding will only be in your memories and the images produced by your Wedding Photographer will be responsible to make real these memories. Your photos will be all you have to perpetuate as a memento of your big day.


What will you do with all the images your Wedding Photographer produced on your wedding day? Most people opt to put them on a Wedding Album beautifully crafted by the Wedding Photographer. Do not underestimate the importance of a Wedding Album. Your album is the first heirloom of your new family and it’s what brings all the good memories of your big day alive.

Select a photographer that offers you an album that best represents you and your new family. There are wedding albums of different formats, dimensions and materials.

Here are some questions you must ask the photographer about the albums offered:

– How many pages come in the album
– How many photographs can you choose for your album
– What’s the material used for the pages and cover of the album


Something that’s constantly overlooked when selecting a Wedding Photographer is the number of hours offered for the coverage of the event. Usually you’ll want your photographer with you to register every little moment of your big day – that’s the main reason you hired a Professional Photographer, right?

Be careful. Some photographers offer reduced prices and reduced coverage time as well. Time that is sometimes shorter than what would be essential for your wedding day. In cases like these, phantom costs can be hidden and it can be too late when you realize it.


How many Wedding Photographers will attend at your event? Most of the weddings require at least two Professional Photographers. This allows your photographer to be focused in the main coverage while the second photographer is in charge of what’s happening around. Be aware that many different things happen at the same time on a very special day like a wedding day. Having two photographers allows a more complete coverage of different subtleties, offering you a more creative and complete Wedding Photography.
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